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Sprightly is a proudly Australian owned company pioneering the cutting edge combination of big data, cloud, 4G, IOT and more for asset and vehicle monitoring and tracking.

We provide connected intelligence and fleet management for smart companies who want to increase operational efficiency and safety while reducing cost.

The foundation of our products is great code. Passion, enthusiasm and technical excellence are combined with great care to make outstanding software.

Innovation At The Speed Of Tomorrow®

Our mission is to help our clients and partners to be more agile. Business agility is key to long term success in a highly competitive and constantly changing world.

We’re unlike any other telematics or tracking provider however.

We are a platform provider. We provide asset tracking and fleet management as a foundation, and partner with industry expertise to provide a complete solution. This allows us to work with the smartest companies in each industry.

Our in-vehicle solution ready platform is unrivalled, making it easy to build and deploy carefully crafted complete solutions – without the concerns for cost and time that are usually attached with customisation. This is customisation without the headache.

Founded in early 2015, our systems are current, using only the latest technology and methodology. We are not held back by legacy hardware or software. This is key to being agile.

And while we are a young company, our people are highly experienced.