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Our cloud based systems are always running.

For many large organisations mission-critical systems must be highly available. We understand this.

Our online customer portal and other cloud based systems provide extremely high availability, and are protected by cutting-edge security.

  • We use Microsoft Azure for all our databases and websites. Azure provides best-in-class reliability, redundancy, scalability and security.

  • Smaller customers use our multi-tenanted database and online customer portal. Larger customers can utilize private database and web.

  • Data can be hosted anywhere in the world where there is an Azure data-center.

  • All Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is stored encrypted.

  • All user access is via two factor authentication with both email address and mobile phone number confirmation¬†to verify identity.

  • The Sprightly system has been built from scratch for Azure. There are no legacy components.

  • We only use encrypted networks.

  • Best in industry user rights management using both access levels and roles.