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We connect you to your mobile workforce and assets.

GPS Tracking

Knowing where your vehicles are at all times, and being able to easily review where they have been, is crucial to running an efficient fleet.

  • Determine the nearest vehicle for ad-hoc jobs

  • Eliminate unauthorised use
  • Give more accurate Estimated Time of Arrival

  • Locate vehicles by proximity, such as those in range of poor traffic conditions or severe weather events

  • Also locate assets within proximity of vehicles – great for locating assets in limited supply

  • Investigate parking and speeding fines

  • Investigate public complaints

  • Provide historical proof of attendance
  • Quickly identify and reduce theft

  • Reduce fuel usage and emissions

Driver Monitoring and Coaching

Driver monitoring is the quickest way to increase safety and reduce accidents – with almost immediate ROI.

Not only does monitoring increase safety it reduces costs.

  • Our Driver Scorecard clearly identifies drivers needing improvement

  • Enforce company policy

  • Enforce seatbelt usage

  • Ensure regulatory compliance

  • Potentially reduce insurance costs

  • Quickly respond to emergencies, from accidents to breakdowns

  • Reduce harsh acceleration, braking and cornering

  • Reduce idling

  • Reduce speeding

  • Reduce public complaints and protect brand identity

  • Reduce vehicle wear and tear and unscheduled maintenance

Fleet Optimisation

Data captured in the field can be used to increase efficiency by powering analytics and reporting.

  • Monitor fuel economy

  • Monitor and reduce fuel usage from idling

  • Monitor and increase fleet utilisation

  • Optimise routes

  • Schedule workshop maintenace

App-enable Your Workforce

Our system can do much more than just monitor your fleet for you. It can provide timely information, reduce manual tasks and increase productivity.

  • Capture driver status

  • Communicate by phone or messaging

  • Digital forms eliminate the need for paper record keeping

  • Provide real-time updates to your back-office

  • Significantly increase operational efficiency

  • Apps can be created for any purpose