Innovation at
the speed of tomorrow®

Innovation at the speed of tomorrow®

Data acquisition and edge processing for connected intelligence.

Data acquisition and edge processing for connected intelligence

World’s smartest system integration platform for
heavy and specialised

World’s smartest system integration platform for heavy and specialised vehicles

Heavy & Specialised

Quality and reliability is at the core of what we do. We frequently work with very large expensive machines, where unreliability and downtime will be hugely costly for our client.

Our experience includes large machines in multiple industry sectors, including Mining and Construction, Emergency Services, Materials Handling, Transportation and Waste. To name a few, this means dump trucks, excavators, wheel loaders, tractors, forklifts, reach-stackers and prime movers.

Our In-Vehicle Management System (IVMS) is “secure at the core” meaning security is present from the beginning, not added later. We also have a multi-layered approach to quality and reliability, making our solutions highly stable and resilient to unexpected scenarios.

We are loved by engineers and managers alike as we put your business first. We learn the specifics of your business, down to each individual machine type.

The foundation of our IVMS is our System Integrator (SI) platform. Key capability includes:

  • Common functionality required by all our solutions, such as maintaining cellular or Wi-Fi network connections, or processing engine management or GNSS data,
  • Like a smartphone, hosting of apps which can provide custom functionality by industry, work site, or even machine model
  • Over-The-Air updates for software, apps and configuration.
  • Rapid prototyping and delivery of bespoke functionality.

Capability Statement

Public Transport

We have built the world's smartest in-vehicle IT system for public transport, by an Australian country mile.

Highly efficient public transportation is more important than ever. Our major functionality includes:

  • Rich data is crucial for informed decision making: for route planning, service optimisation, disruption management, contract performance etc.
  • Automated Passenger Counters (APC) are necessary for accurate passenger loading data: to better understand network demand and the passenger experience. Accurate patronage data will be highly useful in a post-COVID19 world.
  • In-vehicle edge processing ensures delivery of low latency real-time data that is ready to use without further processing.
  • Enhanced passenger experience through the use of Passenger Information Display (PID), audio announcements, disruption updates and multi-modal connection information.
  • Enhanced passenger and bus driver safety through the integration of on-board cameras, enabling realtime video analytics and live streaming of video for emergency response requirements.

Connected Bus has a modular integration focused architecture, is therefore highly future proof, minimizes duplication of hardware and LTE data costs, and de-couples in-vehicle data acquisition from cloud based data consumers.

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Public Transport


At Sprightly we recognise that the future is connected. We’ve built the world’s most powerful system integration platform for heavy and specialised vehicles, and use this to rapidly create and deploy highly intelligent connected solutions for our clients and partners.

We are a proudly Australian business, based in Melbourne, Victoria.

Sprightly for Quality

Big enterprises demand quality. That means accuracy, reliability, scalability and security... without exception. Big organisations trust Sprightly with their very valuable machines and mission critical processes.

Sprightly for Expertise

We work with dump trucks and excavators in mining and construction; forklifts, reach-stackers and tractors in materials handling; waste trucks; and more. We’ve integrated proprietary Canbus, communication with OEM controllers, load scales, and passenger counters and Traffic Signal Priority for public route buses.

Sprightly for Total Life Cycle Management

You can’t just write an application and start deploying in-vehicle PC’s. Sprightly has a comprehensive cloud based management system for the entire life cycle of the asset... from hardware manufacturing in the factory... through installation... ongoing management and technical support... and Over The Air (OTA) updates.

Sprightly for Agility

Our modular in-vehicle platform supports an API based plug-in model for apps. This means customer or industry specific functionality can be created quickly, enabling cost efficient and rapid prototyping of new ideas. Apps also provide code isolation ensuring system stability while our cloud management portal allows easy deployment of both apps and configuration.

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